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Wall Street Journal article on Custom Tailors

Friday, February 25th, 2011

This WSJ article talked about how custom tailoring is experiencing a boom because more people are realizing the value in custom

clothing versus designer ready-to-wear clothes. We couldn’t agree more!

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Extend the Life of Your Shoes

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Consider these pointers for extending the life of your loafers or beefing up the performance of your brogues-

  1. Invest in the best footwear you can afford, and re-sole and re-heel them as necessary, just like routine maintenance on your automobile.  Regular tune-ups and even re-crafting over time will restore and extend the youthful vigor of your favorite shoes.  Acquire and wear the right shoes for each occasion.
  2. Always rotate your shoes, allowing at least a day of rest between wearings.   Let them rest on a good pair of aromatic cedar shoetrees.  They’ll prolong the life of the shoes, absorbing moisture and odor and maintain the shape of the leather.
  3. Shoehorns make putting on your shoes easier and protect the shape and construction of the back of the heels.
  4. Polishing your shoes every three-four times you wear them with a good cream or paste will make them look good and help you to put your best foot forward.  Brush off the road dirt first, then wipe clean with a damp cloth or saddle soap before polishing.  Allow the polish to set for a few minutes and brush to a shine with a horsehair brush, then buff to a perfect polish with a soft cotton cloth.
  5. If your shoes are wet, don’t force dry them next to heat.  Stuff with newspaper or cedar shoe trees and lay them on their side so the soles can dry quicker in room temperature.
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Suit Selection According to Your Build

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Follow these suit-selection tips according to your build:

For the taller gentleman, double-breasted suits add needed width, balancing out height. The same is true of pleats and cuffs on trousers. Paired with a high-quality cotton dress shirt with a small pattern and a striped tie, the ensemble makes height an asset rather than an inconvenience when sizing clothing.

Those blessed more with girth than height may find a single-breasted suit to be a better choice. This slims down the silhouette while enhancing the vertical. Striped shirts with a solid or patterned tie add length without emphasizing width, to create a pleasing ensemble.

Athletically built gentlemen must create a look that balances a thin waist with broad shoulders. This is accomplished through a slightly tapered jacket to slim the torso, paired with pleated trousers and a striped or solid shirt.

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What is your Great Circle?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Focus your attention on what is known as the great circle.  It is the area that encompasses your shoulder, face, shirt collar, jacket lapel, necktie and breast pocket on your suit or sport jacket.  The visual impact made by keeping harmony among the elements in your great circle cannot be over emphasized.  The right tie, the correct shirt collar and color, and the proper balance of scale and proportion in one’s accessories can make all the difference in the world.  Take care to see that people’s first impression of you is a positive and lasting one.  Today, no one can afford to make an impression that is anything less than the best.

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