“Each impression you make will-temporarily, at least-be your last. So make it strong.”
Harry Beckwith, Selling The Invisible

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details.” It’s true that the details-whether in business dealings or business attire-can make the difference between success and failure. Most businessmen wouldn’t dream of presenting a business proposal without careful attention to the details. Applying that same level of care to a business wardrobe is just as important. The niceties of a suit can create the impression of success or failure, competence or irresponsibility, strength or weakness.

When you’re wearing a smart, custom tailored suit, with the right accessories – you know who you are… and so do those around you. When you look great, you feel great – and you’ll act the part.


We can help you craft a wardrobe that conveys the impression most suitable to your needs. The choices on details are seldom “right” or “wrong,” but rather points on a sliding scale. For example, using a Windsor half-knot on your tie looks heavier than the trimmer four-in-hand knot. Cutting squared suit shoulders creates a more solid look than the closely fitted silhouette.

Your custom-tailored suit is shaped not just to fit your measurements, but to create the visual impression that bests suits your business image. Business clothing has recently seen some major swings in focus, from get-ahead-dressy to dot-com-casual. The men’s suit has successfully weathered these changes, and remains a powerful source of strength in a down economy.

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