“His clothes fit him so ill, and constrain him so much, that he seems rather their prisoner than their proprietor.”
- Philip Dormer Stanhope

Mass-made clothing is, of necessity, sized for the masses. Dimensions are reduced to the most likely measurements and produced accordingly. Ready-made suits are made to fit the average person. The trouble is that no one is average. At Nathan’s, we consider much more than just your measurements. Crucial to the balance of every Nathan’s garment are details such as shoulder description, posture and hip level.

In this day of mass-produced products and lowest-common-denominator thinking, it’s good to know that you can still have your personal preferences and needs taken into account.

Custom Fit

As your custom tailors, we don’t force you to fit into any categories of fit, color, or fashion. Instead, your clothing is designed and fitted specifically for you. We take the frustration out of trying to find your “size” amid colors and fabrics meant to appeal to the greatest potential number of buyers. Instead, you can relax knowing that your custom clothing will exactly fit your shape, as well as your needs. With more than 100 tailoring steps in the jacket alone, custom-made clothes are meticulously crafted and detailed.

Custom clothing, because it’s not dependent on the designers’ current seasonal offerings, can reflect your individual sense of style and personality far longer than ready-made clothing. Instead of needing to replace valuable wardrobe pieces annually, you’ll find that bespoke garments can give years of useful service, increasing their value and offering excellent return on investment.

All this attention to personal detail takes time-but it’s worth waiting for. No, you can’t order a custom made suit this afternoon and wear it tomorrow. But when you wear it, you’ll never want to wear anything less.

These are just some of the reasons why the Nathan’s fit is unmistakable. That’s value.

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